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This page is still being updated as of 7/3/2019

This page will be updated as I find more gifs by A.J. You can view an archive of their website on the wayback machine here: A.J.'s Animated Ferret Gifs . There are many missing images due to the archive being so old but websites on the geocities archive and other places have contained some of the missing images.

Gifs that were found on other websites might have different filenames from the original missing images from A.J's page. Most of A.J's gifs seem to stop looping after a while, so reload (or CTRL+F5) the page if something isn't moving.

Here's what we've found so far:

5pumkinfer.gif - filename not seen on A.J's website; found at mail4mocha


briefe_1.gif - filename not seen on A.J's website; found at mail4mocha

brieferretan.gif - found? at Cyber Mustilid's geocities archive. Image seems to be corrupted or editted, possibly not the original file.




emailan.gif - found at mail4mocha

f.underconstruction.gif - filename not seen on A.J's website; found at mail4mocha

fb1.gif, fb2.gif, fb3.gif, fb4.gif, fb5.gif - Not animated; used as page navigation buttons on A.J's site. ** fb6.gif is missing.

ferret7.gif - filename not seen on A.J's website; found at mail4mocha

ferretham.gif - filename not seen on A.J's website; found at mail4mocha

ferretunderrug.gif - filename not seen on A.J's website; possible edit or lower filesize version of csan.gif, found at mail4mocha











I'm not sure if AJ made this image, but it's on his main page below the "All Things Ferretry" webring navigation. The text reads, "MAY KODO'S LIGHT SHINE / FOR THE WORLD TO SEE". This is in reference to a ferret named Kodo who, in 1997, was set to be euthanized after an elderly attendee of a pet show somehow started bleeding while trying to pet Kodo while the ferret was sleeping. You can read more about the event here.
The online ferret community went pretty justifiably bonkers over this horrible story, and support for Kodo can be seen in ferret lover's websites such as this devestating memorial page, and this tribute/informational page from MeLee's website. Kodo's owner had a website regarding the situation here.

A list of filenames grabbed from missing images on A.J's site. If you have any info on these files, let me know!

"A collection of various size files for your ferret web pages, free for use unmodified." -A.J.

Website owned by mileskitaro. All images owned/derived from images by A.J If you found any gifs, please send them to me on twitter at @mileskitaro